Our crypto audit work is helping people to deploy their crypto proceeds in the UK property sector. Our client, Marcus Cordery, spoke to the Express earlier in June about how the process works.  You can read the full article here…  although we’re so pleased to be helping people like Marcus deploy their crypto proceeds, we couldn’t resist pulling out some choice quotes from him:

“Dan from Kingsley Napley put me in touch with a forensic analysis firm called Alaco Analytics that audited my Bitcoin and verified they hadn’t been connected to illegal websites, scams or money laundering, etc. The process took just a week but once the audit came back we could proceed with the house purchase.”

And another:

“Keeping a full paper trail of the money moving into a trading account, transaction data of Bitcoin purchases and sales is essential. On top of this, you’ll need a blockchain audit from a company like Alaco Analytics to certify there’s been no illicit activity connected to your Bitcoin.”


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